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About Jean Loup P. G. Le Roux

Jean Loup P G Le Roux I&I Strategy

Strategist, Cyber Security Leader, Public Speaker

About JLLR

Mr. Le Roux is a highly regarded global expert on cybersecurity. He has worked with Wall-Street firms, Fortune 100 companies and A-list Silicon Valley startups, across North America and Europe as a strategic advisor and consultant.

He has 12+ years of experience in cybersecurity and has earned multiple industry credentials, including CISSP, CCSP, and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor. Mr. Le Roux is also a CEO and entrepreneur in his own right, having founded I&I Strategy, the Canadian Consulting Community and Innovation Waypoint.

Currently, he is focusing on his consulting work around the globe, leveraging his knowledge of applied cryptography in the fields of cloud security (with a focus on SaaS/PaaS environments) and privacy protection.

Mr. Le Roux is also helping companies get certified against international standards through accredited schemes with his company Innovation Waypoint.